[Pdns-users] Help, recursor is too slow, mostly doesn't resolve queries

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Mon Apr 28 06:29:42 UTC 2008

On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 09:00:30PM -0700, Eugene Pefti wrote:
> I would highly appreciate if somebody help me. We rolled out powerdns into
> production mode and after several hours of monitoring I found that the
> recursor is not resolving queries.
> The service restart could help but then again it fails. The only tell-tale
> entry to the log file looks like this:

Could you elaborate please, you provide almost no detail... This is like
going to the doctor and saying 'I feel bad, but I need to leave right now
and I'll come back in 2 weeks, I hope you can tell me what is wrong with me

To help you along:

Do you get that 'unknown escape sequence' error a lot?

When you do non-recursion queries ('dig +norecurs w3media.net
@your-powerdns-server'), do these always work?

When you do recursion queries ('dig ds9a.nl @your-powerdns-server'), what
kind of answers do you get? Timeout? Servfail? NXDOMAIN?

When you query your backend directly for recursive queries, do you get
answers? ('dig ds9a.nl @your-recuror-ip-address') If so, what kind?

What do you use as your recursing backend? PowerDNS? Bind?

Which version of PowerDNS do you run? 2.9.21?

Do you know your query load? (number of queries/second)

Is there anything special about your setup? Custom code, custom pipe
backends, huge number of domains?

Do you really truly need to mix auth and resolving service?


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