[Pdns-users] Supported databases of the OpenDBX backend

Michael C. Gates michael at gatesadweb.com
Fri Jan 26 17:08:42 UTC 2007

Is this a new version of PDNS, or a program used to connect Linux to
different DB's? Will this combination work with Suse Linux and MS SQL?

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Michael C. Gates

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Hi all

After having released the next stable series of OpenDBX (1.2.x), I would
to give you an update about the supported and tested databases in
with the OpenDBX backend.

These databases are tested and officially supported:
- PostgreSQL
- SQLite 2 and 3
- MS SQL Server
- Sybase ASE
- Oracle

The new Firebird 2.0 database wasn't tested up to now but should also work.

Speed tests done a while ago have shown that the OpenDBX backend not only 
offers more high-end features than the other backends shipped with PowerDNS 
but also higher performance. This is at least true for the gmysql backend 
I've used for comparison as it is probably the backend used most often in 


Feel free to test PowerDNS with your favorite database now :-)

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