[Pdns-users] Supported databases of the OpenDBX backend

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Fri Jan 26 17:22:56 UTC 2007

Hi Michael

> Is this a new version of PDNS, or a program used to connect Linux to
> different DB's? Will this combination work with Suse Linux and MS SQL?

Sorry for being not precise enough:

Bert Hubert is the author and maintainer of the PowerDNS server and only he 
can release new versions of PowerDNS itself.

The opendbxbackend is a backend I maintain for the PowerDNS server to connect 
to databases supported by the OpenDBX library. I've released new versions for 
both, the opendbxbackend and the OpenDBX library and SuSE Linux/MS SQL is a 
supported combination even if I didn't tested this specifically.



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> Hi all
> After having released the next stable series of OpenDBX (1.2.x), I would
> like
> to give you an update about the supported and tested databases in
> combination
> with the OpenDBX backend.
> These databases are tested and officially supported:
> - MySQL
> - PostgreSQL
> - SQLite 2 and 3
> - MS SQL Server
> - Sybase ASE
> - Oracle
> The new Firebird 2.0 database wasn't tested up to now but should also work.
> Speed tests done a while ago have shown that the OpenDBX backend not only
> offers more high-end features than the other backends shipped with PowerDNS
> but also higher performance. This is at least true for the gmysql backend
> I've used for comparison as it is probably the backend used most often in
> installations.
> Links:
> http://wiki.linuxnetworks.de/index.php/OpenDBX
> http://wiki.linuxnetworks.de/index.php/PowerDNS_OpenDBX_Backend
> http://wiki.linuxnetworks.de/index.php/PowerDNS_OpenDBX_Backend_-_Compariso
> Feel free to test PowerDNS with your favorite database now :-)
> Norbert

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