[Pdns-users] Difference between serial in SQL domain table and SOA field

Bas van Schaik bas at tuxes.nl
Fri Feb 16 17:26:22 UTC 2007

bert hubert wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 16, 2007 at 03:23:36PM +0100, Bas van Schaik wrote:
>> For example, I can't discover what's the meaning of:
>>  domains.last_check
>>  domains.notified_serial
>>  domains.type (should be "MASTER" in most cases, I assume?)
>>  domains.account
> This has to do with master/slave operation. 
> (...)
Thanks Bert, your answer certainly cleared things up for me! Based on
your information, I tried to configure a slave domain for my PowerDNS
configuration. Following your explanation, I've set the type of that
domain to "SLAVE" and set the master field to "ns.domain.com". PowerDNS
isn't really enthusiastic about this and starts throwing the following
> Feb 16 19:17:01 helios pdns[28866]: 1 slave domain needs checking
> Feb 16 19:17:02 helios pdns[28866]: Error trying to retrieve/refresh
> 'a-eskwadraat.nl': Timeout waiting for answer
However, if I specify an IP-address in the "master" field:
> Feb 16 19:19:04 helios pdns[28866]: Domain a-eskwadraat.nl is stale,
> master serial 2007011301, our serial 0
> Feb 16 19:19:05 helios pdns[28866]: gmysql Connection succesful
> Feb 16 19:19:05 helios pdns[28866]: AXFR started for
> 'a-eskwadraat.nl', transaction started
> Feb 16 19:19:05 helios pdns[28866]: AXFR done for 'a-eskwadraat.nl',
> zone committed

Of course, I don't want to configure an IP-address there: the system
administrators of my slave domain might decide to change the IP-address
of their nameserver, which will break my configuration. Isn't it
possible to pass the hostname as a parameter here?


  -- Bas

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