[Pdns-users] PDNS-Admin updated

Roger Libiez rlibiez at arthmoor.com
Sun Dec 23 04:54:06 UTC 2007

The PDNS-Admin package has been updated after a couple of minor bug 
reports were filed and a couple of other small things were tweaked.

The update is available at: http://www.iguanadons.net/pdns-admin

Changes for 1.1.2:

* SECURITY: Users were capable of creating new domains without the 
permission setting.
* Users are unable to reset their passwords due to bad variable names in 
the login code.
* Domain owners should not be allowed to change the domain type without 
administrative access.
* Domain type and owner dialog should not appear in the interface if the 
user is not allowed to use them.
* Skin templating system can now allow for nested <IF><ELSE> blocks.
* Added an upgrade script to handle template and query changes in the 
future when updating.

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