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Fri Dec 21 18:09:44 UTC 2007

There's also:

This is what we used as a basis for our main DNS network at but heavily modified.
The original source had quite some issue's with PEAR on php 4.x and wasn't functioning at all on php 5.x.
Currently we serve over 6000 domains and made several extentions to it to also allow users to add supermasters for automatic domain creation and zone transfers from clients (who either run powerdns/bind/tinydns) and fallback MX services

Nico van Royen

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I just got done testing and as far 
  as I can tell, outside of one or two small issues, this was a very well 
  done front-end. At least it knows how to do mysql replication, and no 
  weird errors no matter if it was on a fedora box or on a CentOS box.
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