[Pdns-users] pdns backend ldap over ssl / tls

Jean-Paul Duyx jp.duyx at zestsoftware.nl
Tue Sep 12 13:35:25 UTC 2006


i have been experimenting last week with pdns, but somehow i don't seem
to get pdns with ldap backend working with an ldap server that is only
talking ssl or tls.

i tried to do an ldapsearch to the secure ldap server from the same host
as pdns is running on, and that worked, only pdns wasn't able to connect
to the ldap server. 

i think i miss something in my configuration, but i don't seem to be
able to find the right information for this.

is there a way to get more information on this ? or to get better
logging information? i did pdns_server --daemon=no but it didn't reveil
much information that was usefull to me.

both machines run Debian Sarge. 
pdns version is: 

hopefully somebody can help me with this

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