[Pdns-users] Re: How Do SPF records work in PDNS? ( begionner)

Julian Mehnle julian at mehnle.net
Sat Nov 18 12:14:54 UTC 2006

Richard Vernooij wrote:
> I seem to have a problem that many messages from a webserver, or
> emailserver do not arrive on certain places.
> Now i found that it could be the reason, that i do not have SPF records
> for reverse DNS.

SPF has _nothing_ to do with reverse DNS.

> Now when i check
> http://www.dnsreport.com/tools/dnsreport.ch?domain=domainname.com (after
> a day with the real domain)
> I still have a warning about not having a spf record.

Well, then your domain does not have an SPF record.

Did you add a record of type "SPF" to your domain's zone?

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