[Pdns-users] Power DNS and Microsoft SQL backend.

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Sat Jun 10 09:45:06 UTC 2006

On Saturday 10 June 2006 05:27, Derrik Pates wrote:
> Barry Bourdage wrote:
> > Has anyone implemented PowerDNS on Linux box, connecting to a Microsoft
> > SQL Server ?.
> >
> > I know it does not make sense cost wise, buy we have a large investment
> > in SQL Servers, so our actual cost is not bad.
> Some Googling reveals that PowerDNS' OpenDBX backend may allow you to
> link FreeTDS (a client library for Sybase and Microsoft's SQL servers) -
> or at least a development version of OpenDBX may allow this. See
> http://mailman.powerdns.com/pipermail/pdns-users/2006-April/003310.html
> for some useful information. This may have made its way into a released
> version of OpenDBX by now, but I don't use it; you'll have to do some
> additional research.

I've released the new development version of OpenDBX (1.1.0) to the public a 
few minutes ago. The freetds backend in combination with the lib from 
freetds.org will enable you to connect to your MSSQL servers.

Up to now I was able to test the freetds backend only against a Sybase ASE 
server (SQL Server is a descendant from an former version), so SQL Server 
should also work as well but there is no guarantee yet.

If you want to give it a try I will help you getting it to run smoothly.

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