chnage_date question (Was: [Pdns-users] Two questions about powerdns)

Oded Arbel oded at
Sun Jan 22 19:04:59 UTC 2006

On Sunday, 22 בJanuary 2006 13:19, bert hubert wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 22, 2006 at 01:14:28PM +0200, Oded Arbel wrote:
> > I think it would be a good thing :-) How do you plan on doing that
> > ? I was thinking about automatically generating it from the newest
> > update time of all the records for a domain, but of course the SOA
> > record itself will not be updated - and I'm not sure what will the
> > impact of that be.
> There is code in PowerDNS that, in theory, allows you to set the SOA
> serial to 0, and have it get calculated based on the maximum
> change_date on the fly. This code has been disabled because it is
> slightly broken.

About change_date - I see that its defined in the database as an 
integer. why isn't it defines as a timestamp (causing it to 
automatically update whenever the record updates) ? 

Currently in order to make sure change_date is correct I have to do some 
non-standard SQL magic, for example date_format(now(), '%Y%m%d00'), and 
if I already have updates done today the logic gets much more 


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