[Pdns-users] Pipe Backend causes Signal 6

Steve Chapman swchapman at att.com
Tue Feb 21 13:30:55 UTC 2006

> On Mon, Feb 20, 2006 at 03:53:08PM -0500, Steve Chapman wrote:

>> that is causing issues.  Am I missing some sort of exit clause that 
>> states "If you don't find a response for a request for which you 
>> should be authoritative, exit normally"? Or am I doing something with 
>> PDNS that is so objectionable that it's vomiting at me?

> When not auth, your pipebackend should simply state it has no data by
> replying 'END'. What you are doing *might* work, but the pipebackend is
not really
> the place to transfer queries to another nameserver as you appear to be
> I'll try to reproduce your bug, the script should not be able to crash
> I'm also trying to understand what you are doing exactly and if
> in the confguration would suit your needs better.

That's it!!  That's what I did wrong in my script!  I had the recursor set
in pdns.conf to the corporate DNS proxy and the script also tried to resolve
via the corporate DNS proxy!  Once I removed all references to the corporate
DNS proxy from the script, the script released properly.  Now, it looks over
the DNS request and if the hostname is in the list of Internet-only hosts,
it routes the request to the Internet, otherwise it simply passes the
request to PDNS like it should, and PDNS recurses the request to the
corporate DNS server.  I did some preliminary tests and was unable to crash
pdns.  I am going to run this corrected script on my live DNS server today
and see if I'm correct.


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