[Pdns-users] Some details for multiple (gmysql) backends

Tobias Orlamuende t.orlamuende at webspace4you.ch
Mon Dec 11 12:16:37 UTC 2006


we're currently running pdns with gmysql-backend and MySQL-replication.

Since we need to implement a new provisioning-tool, we're thinking about using two backends (gmysql) with different DBs on the same server for the time of implementation and migration.
The new DB will be feed by the provisioning tool and should run with higher priority when answering requests so that e.g. older and/or wrong entries in the old DB (the currently existing one) will not be used.
The old DB would be freed of the entries which are available in the new one from time to time and will be replaced totally by the new one on a certain day.

Now my question(s): Is it possible to do it that way and if yes, how could that priority-thing being configured?

TIA for some answers or ideas


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