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Julian Mehnle julian at mehnle.net
Sat Aug 26 00:03:55 UTC 2006

Mark Martin wrote:
> Julian Mehnle wrote:
> > [...]
> > If your RDBMS supports views, you can store IP addresses in integer
> > format and generate the data required by PowerDNS on the fly from
> > that.  Or you could make custom SQL queries in PDNS to do the same.
> So I guess it would be safe to say, that all databases that are not like
> postgres should be destroyed?  Or not used?

Well, not all databases are alike.  Some have more features than others.  
If you insist on using a database that has _fewer_ features, there are 
obviously some consequences...

> Even if your shop, uses one kind and does not use the other?  For
> whatever reasons, maybe it is a business decision.

Yeah, brain-dead "business decisions" are being made all the time.

I _do_ recognize that there may be valid reasons for choosing MySQL over 
PostgreSQL or other mature RDBMSes.  (I just don't know any, personally.)

> Thanks for your input, nonetheless.

It seems you chose to deliberately ignore my advice on using views (which 
MySQL 5+ supports), or custom queries, for bridging the gap between 
efficient storage, appropriate sorting order, and output format suitable 
for PDNS.  Your choice.
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