[Pdns-users] rDNS Delegation

Steve Sobol sjsobol at JustThe.net
Fri May 13 23:48:26 UTC 2005

MrDemeanour wrote:
> Tobias Orlamuende wrote:
>> My personal point of view for this is that I wouldn't let the
>> customer manage his own rdns. I also never saw a provider which
>> allows this to his customers. Sure, there will be some out in the
>> world but I never saw it in any situation concerning me or my job.
> Demon Internet do allow this. In fact they make special provision for
> it; they provide (at no additional cost) a "shadow" DNS service. You
> (the customer) set up a single master DNS server for your zone, and
> Demon will grab the zone several times a day, and serve it from their
> authoritative servers.

The ISP I used to work with didn't quite go *that* far, but we did do RFC2317 

>> To explain why I wouldn't allow it: rdns is (in my personal opinion!)
>> a very authortative thing. IMHO it's the only thing you can at least
>> trust a little bit. Due to the fact that rdns is quite statical,
>> changes are not needed very often and could be done by these persons
>> which operate the zone for this customer.
> Demon lets me serve my own rDNS. It is a privilege, and I value it; it's
> really difficult, I think, to get the hang of DNS without running your
> own live server. Demon has rather hackerish origins, which is probably
> behind their willingness to provide this kind of service.

I'd like to know the origin of the statement that you can trust rDNS. I 
disagree strongly with the statement...

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