[Pdns-users] mysql replication for pdns

Geoffrey Ellison pdns-lists at brandedinternet.co.za
Wed May 4 09:01:52 UTC 2005

Hi All,

In the past I've seen some of you mention that you had all domains 
set as NATIVE, and were using a mysql backend with mysql replication 
amongst your servers. This seems like a good architecture to me, so 
I was wondering if anyone could supply the specific mysql configs 
that I can use to setup replication between my own servers. There 
are articles on the net, but they are about replication in general, 
so I'm hoping someone here can help me with the replication I would 
need specifically for PowerDNS.

I'm hoping to get configs that will enable me to setup two mysql 
servers as replication masters, then have several slaves for each 
one. (Note, I mean "master" in terms of mysql replication, not in 
terms of DNS).

Many thanks,


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