[Pdns-users] Re: Pdns-users Digest, Vol 28, Issue 4

Heidrich Attila attila at heidrich.hu
Wed May 4 10:16:32 UTC 2005

> In the past I've seen some of you mention that you had all domains 
> set as NATIVE, and were using a mysql backend with mysql replication 
> amongst your servers. This seems like a good architecture to me, so 
> I was wondering if anyone could supply the specific mysql configs 
> that I can use to setup replication between my own servers. There 
> are articles on the net, but they are about replication in general, 
> so I'm hoping someone here can help me with the replication I would 
> need specifically for PowerDNS.
We use a config like this. There are three PDNSs, one master with the
zones not queryable, and a protected management web gui (own version -
minimal design); and two replicas which are the authoritativ NSs for all
the zones. 

We also serve secondary with this structure, master is a stealth master
in this case, is not listed in NS record, but must receive notifys to be
up-to-date, and transfers also need to be accepted from it.

We mainly have no problems using this, migrated several hundred of zones
to this. The only problem is, that sometimes it happen, that a CNAME is
not accessible (SERVFAILED) as ANY! It lasts normally for just minutes
(internal cache time??) but fools our solution to migrate the domain
names by turning the zone into a forward zone on the old DNS server -
mainly if the CNAMEs TTL is small!

> I'm hoping to get configs that will enable me to setup two mysql 
> servers as replication masters, then have several slaves for each 
> one. (Note, I mean "master" in terms of mysql replication, not in 
> terms of DNS).
Please contact out of the list, if need the configs, and let me several
days, currently I am not at home, will be only on Monday!

Heidrich Attila <attila at heidrich.hu>

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