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Christian Loitsch pdns-users.mailman.powerdns.com at abc.fgecko.com
Sun May 1 20:24:53 UTC 2005

> * My resolve.conf lists as the first nameserver, and has 2
>   other nameserver entries.  Requests for domains handled by my server
>   work fine.  Ping and programs for other domains work as expected as
>   well.  But when I use dig for foreign domains, I get an empty reply.
>   Apparently dig only asks my server and gives up.
found out, that pdns replies with SERVFAIL.  dig +nofail works.
RFC 1035 [1] states, that "Server failure" indicates:
The name server was unable to process this query due to a problem with
the name server.
The only other alternative for pdns would be:
No error condition.
and sending an empty reply.
Some googling reveils, that this case is a correct use of SERVFAIL.
Just unfortunate that dig does not use +nofail by default (which I
expected by reading the first paragraphs of its man-page)

>   My python script answers with END if it doesn't handle the domain.  Is
>   this correct? (Or should I FAIL at some point?)
SERVFAIL seems to be a good / correct answer, so END seems to be fine.


[1] http://smakd.potaroo.net/ietf/idref/rfc1035/

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