[Pdns-users] Different IP addresses for the same name, but not round robin

Alan Hodgson ahodgson at simkin.ca
Wed Jul 20 18:31:43 UTC 2005

> Is it possible to do the following with pipe backend?
> Intercept the client queries to home.foo.com in the pipe backend, and
> turn it in to a query for home_if1.foo.com or home_if2.foo.com to the
> LDAP backend. Then pass back the LDAP backend's response over to the
> client.

The following will work (I just tested it with a pipe and pgsql backend 

Have the pipe backend running first in sequence.  Have it serve a CNAME for 
appropriate ANY or CNAME queries for the records you wanted treated this 
way; the actual CNAME served being dependent on the query and the interface 
it comes in on.

Your LDAP backend can handle the A records for the targets of the CNAMEs, 
and pdns will even combine them in one response packet.

For this to work right, you also need to set both query-cache-ttl and 
cache-ttl to 0, otherwise pdns will cache answers and serve them up 
inappropriately.  This requirement may have nasty performance implications 
if your server is busy.

Alan Hodgson
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