[Pdns-users] Different IP addresses for the same name, but not round robin

srinisan at fmailbox.com srinisan at fmailbox.com
Wed Jul 20 17:30:47 UTC 2005

I'd like some guidance. I have a PowerDNS server serving a domain,  
say "foo.com", with an LDAP backend of about 150-200 names under  
foo.com. The server host has two Ethernet interfaces on different  
subnets. Queries may come in via either interface.

Now, only for a handful of names in this database of 150-200 names, I  
want PowerDNS to give out one address on i/f 1 and a different  
address on i/f 2. For example, if a query for home.foo.com comes in  
via i/f 1, it should answer, whereas the same query  
coming in via i/f 2 should be answered What is the best  
way to handle this?

Is it possible to do the following with pipe backend?
Intercept the client queries to home.foo.com in the pipe backend, and  
turn it in to a query for home_if1.foo.com or home_if2.foo.com to the  
LDAP backend. Then pass back the LDAP backend's response over to the  

If that would work, is that the best way to deal with this situation?

I don't do any zone transfers, because I handle secondary name server  
needs using LDAP replication and running another primary DNS server.  
So, any solution you suggest needs to just work for regular queries.


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