[Pdns-users] FW: CNAME drives my crazy

Michael Mertel Michael.Mertel at bwc.de
Wed Feb 23 16:15:58 UTC 2005

Hi there,

sorry its me again, but I got no response to my initial post
describing my CNAME problem.

Am I totally lost here, do I try something beside the specs?
We did this for ages with BIND, so I'am a bit confused.

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Hi all,

I'am having a hard time to implement CNAME records.
I need the following:

www.mydomain.de	IN	CNAME	www.foreigndomain.com

foreigndomain.com is not under my control, and I want
to avoid to use an A record for www.mydomain.de because
the address behind www.foreigndomain.com can change without
any further notice.

I allow recursion only to and some more adresses including the
address of the dns.

But I still get no ANSWER section in dig if I try 
dig ANY www.mydomain.de

If I replace www.myforeigndomain.com with www.mydomain2.de everything
works as expected, because mydomain2.de is controlled by me.

Can someone pleae enlighten me, I'am totally lost.
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