[Pdns-users] question about PDNS - performance

Michiel van Es michiele at info.nl
Tue Feb 22 12:06:04 UTC 2005

I am thinking to switch our Bind DNS to Powerdns.
How fast is Powerdns?
We are hosting zones with a large amount of answers/queries per minute 
(at least  20.000 answers per.minute - 500 queries p/m)
This is for 1 zone..we are having 3 or 4 of this kind of customers which 
are having such a large DNS load.

Can PDNS with Mysql (gmysql backend) handle this amount of load easily?
What is the MAX?
I know it is also a hardware  issue but we are currently running this 
load on dual p 3 800 Mhz 512 MB Ram and 2 18,2 GB SCSI disks).

Thanks for some answers/benchmarks results/experiences..
Kind regards,


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