[Pdns-users] Dynamic DNS

Curtis Maurand curtis at maurand.com
Mon Feb 21 16:55:24 UTC 2005

Tang Hui wrote:

> Kristof Hardy wrote:
>> Tang Hui wrote:
>>>> I think we offer something like that on 
>>>> http://express.powerdns.com, but
>>>> it is easy to setup yourself.
>>> I look for it too, but no result yet.
>>> Would you like to start a project to do it?
>> I believe you could do that securely (on linux at least) by using ssh 
>> to execute a 'remote command'.. (the client should execute a MySQL 
>> update query on the pdns server) Seems fairly easy, no idea about 
>> windows, but I guess it'll be possible..
>> Or.. let the (dynamic-) dns server run apache and php, and execute a 
>> php script (with some parameters) that does the updating.
>> When our DNS migration is finished I'll be needing something alike, 
>> if anyone already starts playing with this, any feedback is welcome. 
>> If not, I'll share my experiences anyway :-)
> As far as I know, some opensource tools can do client-side job, such as
> ddclient, ez-ipudate, ...
> this website may be a good reference.
> http://freedns.afraid.org/scripts/freedns.clients.php
> What I am looking for is the server-side opensource project of dynamic 
> DNS.
> It's true that gnudip2 is one, but it seems no more support now.
> So I am seeking another one, and I think we can implement it with 
> seems you have done it ;-)
Those clients are meant to work with bind.  I would set up something 
using the apache/php method that takes a request from a perl or vbscript.


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