[Pdns-users] Strange lookup problem

Hans Christian Saustrup pdns.hc at saustrup.net
Mon Feb 14 12:55:49 UTC 2005


I've noticed a strange problem! It's very sporadic, and most likely 
related to a bug in BIND, but I'll appreciate any input you might have.

The setup:
We're running three nameservers, all PDNS. One is primary, the two 
others secondary. Replication method is ordinary Notice/AXFR-style. Our 
backend is MySQL.

The problem:
Many of our domains has a "*.domain.com CNAME domain.com" wildcard 
record, and when I query our three nameservers manually with 'host' or 
'dig', everything's peacy. If I go through our ISP's DNS (both at home 
and at the office), it sporadicly messes up the result, and returns what 
looks like a random entry from the domain. We're running a simple 
caching BIND server at the office, which forwards requests to our ISP. 
When I reconfigured our office BIND to use root servers instead of 
forwarding to our ISP, the problem was avoided. Our office ISP is 

We haven't made changes to the domain in question for several weeks, so 
I find it very unlikely that it's a TTL-related issue.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? If not, I'll try to reproduce 
the problem and attach the results.


Hans Christian Saustrup
System Administrator

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