[Pdns-users] Disabling / Locking domains for a certain time

Mark Watts m.watts at eris.qinetiq.com
Fri Apr 22 08:20:01 UTC 2005

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The obvious way would be to add an extra column to the tables to indicate if 
the domain is locked or not, then modify pdns to check that value before 
returning data or not.


> We have a way of doing it, but it's a hack and saw method, as we manage the
> dns via our intranet just have a button that inserts XXX into the SOA / NS
> records and any A or CNAME records so nothing resolves correctly.
> There are cleaner ways no doubt but it works.
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> Hi folks,
> we are thinking about using PDNS as replacement for our Bind-servers.
> Due to the fact, that we are an ISP and have lots of customers, sometimes
> it will be needed to lock a domain on DNS-level if a customer doesn't pay
> his invoice. Until now, we did just a quick renaming of Bind's .dns-file to
> .dnsx. Is there any possibility and if yes, which one(s), to do this with
> PDNS using the gmysql-backend? IMHO a second table like "domains_locked"
> where the record of the affected domain from table "domains" would be moved
> should do it, but due to the fact that field "id" on table "domains" has
> auto_increment, it would give problems if the record moved to the other
> table, is the last one and a new record is inserted in the meantime. Ok, it
> seems to be a very seldom scenario, but with a big amount of domains to
> manage, it could be possible.
> How do other ISPs solve this with PDNS?
> If somebody made a change like this and maybe has it implemented to
> powerdnsadmin, I'd be very hapy to hear how it works and get a diff or
> patch. Currently it seems to me, that powerdnsadmin is the only
> "well-known" tool, which has ongoing development. Am I right with this?
> TIA for all answers.
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