[Pdns-users] clarification about mysql or gmysql (?)

Anshuman S. Rawat asr at cs.columbia.edu
Sat Sep 18 00:36:43 UTC 2004

I am very confused what database backend I have to use and the documentation
doesn't really help in solving my problem. Here's my situation -

I configured pdns with the '--with-modules=gmysql' option since the README
file instructed to do so. I know nothing about what gmysql is. A little
'googling' indicates that it's a GTK+ based front-end for mysql (?).

Now I have mysql database setup, so which backend am I using ? as there
happen to be different tables and specifics for mysql and gmysql (?). Then
there is a talk about '8 SQL queries for regular lookups' and instructs to
configure them by setting 'gmysql-basic-query'. Is this supposed to be a
parameter in pdns.conf or is it some script which I can't seem to find or is
it something to be taken care before compiling?

I am very confused. Please help!!
Thanks in advance.


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