[Pdns-users] smooth bind to PDNS migration

Kristof Hardy kristof.hardy at catsanddogs.com
Tue Nov 16 16:41:51 UTC 2004

Lorens Kockum wrote:
> same service. By binding to different IP's, I have set un a
> production server with bind on one IP and pdns on the other, no
> trouble at all.

Indeed, something similar is growing in my thoughts.. Even adding a 
nameserver now looks like an easy thing to do. (replicate to another 

> reset them whenever you want :-) You just have to make sure they
> get back in sync.

If I read correctly, the "reset whenever you want" means, updating the 
serial with 1 digit or so...

> With 700 domains I assume you've thought about the human
> interface ? Poweradmin ?

Yes indeed, in my opinion it seems to do everything one might need.. 
It's not at all like 'editing zone files by hand' ;-)

And it's even easier to delegate some control to customers/colleagues, 
etc.. without fearing 'too' much they'll do anything wrong.. (or at 
least not on someone else's domainname ;))

Thanks for your time..

Best regards,

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