[Pdns-users] Two things - broken thread

Tomasz Brzezina brzezina at demo.pl
Thu May 20 11:54:30 UTC 2004

I have to change e-mail, so I lost connection to thread, sorry for 

 >>> I have two problems with pdns - very BIG problems.
 >>> Debian stable

 >>> I've got  2.9.16 version compiled from sources with
 >>> --with-modules=gpgsql --prefix=/usr/local/pdns/ --enable-recursor

 >>> everything works ok but not two things

 >>> 1. if I change something, no notifies are send - I have to run
 >>> pdns_control notify /domain/ or /etc/init.d/pdns restart - It's
 >>> rather stupid....

 >> Do you have type=NATIVE in the domains table?
 >> That only uses that database replication.
 >> If you would rather have notifications, set type=MASTER|SLAVE
 >It wouldn't send notifications at all if you had it set as type NATIVE,
 >even if you used pdns_control.
Exactly - I have everywhere MASTER/SLAVE - no NATIVE at all.

2. According to manual, if I change SOA's serial number to 0, pdns will
test all records in that domain on last_change, and choose the bigger.
But if i change it to 0, SOA is equal to current time, not biggest
last_change. Am I wrong?
 >> I did notice that the serial number is not in the recommended format
 >> of YYYYMMDDnn.
 >Yes, and there's no practical way to make that happen with automatic
 >serial-number handling - it can really only practically work with
 >hand-edited zone files, like with BIND. dnsreport.com only marks that >as
 >a warning - simply because it's, as you mentioned, a _recommendation_.
 >The only requirement is that the serial number must _always_ increase.
 >Other than that, the exact format isn't that important.
But why it changes? I really want to have a SOA calculated of 


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