[Pdns-users] selected AXFR

Martin Kuchar lists at nss.wproduction.cz
Thu May 20 20:35:08 UTC 2004

I'm new to PowerDNS. Just configure it as upgrade from Bind 9 and Tinydns on
two of our servers. In Bind, i can select which another servers can AXFR
selected zones from me.
In powerDNS i see only option to allow AXFR from selected servers, but it
applied to all served zones.

We are masters for cca 1000 domains and some (about 20) have his own slave
nameservers. So we need to allow to transfer only zones "foo.com"
and "anotherfoo.com", but no another zones. In PowerDNS if i allow
to transfer zones, can get all our 1000 zones.

I thing it was not discussed here before. Can anybody point me to solution ?

thanx very much,
Martin Kuchar

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