[Pdns-users] pDNS & CNAME-Usage

Hrvoje Husic powerdns at cgn.toonster.de
Wed Mar 24 23:32:27 UTC 2004

Hi Folks,

I've made quite a stupid entry in a pdns-Zone.

I Created something like this:

testlist    IN    CNAME list
            IN    MX    mail

I know, this does not work, but I forgot the existing MX-Record, and
needed a CNAME or A-Record.

I decided to use the CNAME, which resultet in breaking the Zone-AXFR
to bind-Clients.

All queries were handeled correctly, pdns did not give avay the
combination above, but added the MX-Records of "list" instead of
"testlist" in the aditional-section.

But it did not complain loudly about this misconfiguration, and it
took me quite some time to figure out, why none of my secondary-NS
accepted the AXFR (except for another one, running pdns)

Some log-entry would be great, where pdns complains about overloaded
CNAMEs or something like that.

Hrvoje Husic

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