[Pdns-users] pdns 2.9.12 and 2.9.15 on debian mips

Remco Post remco at pipsworld.nl
Wed Feb 25 19:22:49 UTC 2004

The patch I supplied yesterday for sparc should solve this problem, 
it's a endianness problem...

On Feb 25, 2004, at 20:07, Jess Mahan wrote:

>  Hi,
>  I am curently running PDNS (2.9.12) on two machines. Both machines
>  are using the gmysql backend.
>  The first, is a debian/testing Intel box. PDNS works
>  perfectly including recursion to the same machine running
>  pdns_recursor. This machine has over 20K domains, and 179K
>  records and it works flawlessly.
>  The second machine, if running debian/testing MIPS. It's an
>  SGI Indy R4600. Bind ran flawlessly on this machine for the
>  last two years.
>  PDNS works, for the most part. I am able to dig local records
>  just fine, but if I set the recursor option in the pdns.conf,
>  I get this error:
>  Discarding untracked packet from recursor backend with id 19265.
>  Contrack table size=15
>  If I run pdns_recursor --local-address= --local-port=5353
>  on the same machine, and point the recursor in pdns.conf to that
>  address/port I still get the same error.
>  There is noting reported by pdns_recursor as far as error messages
>  in the /var/log/syslog, or to the console if I run with --trace=on
>  --daemon=no.
>  I also tried compiling pdns 2.9.15 on debian mips from scratch, but
>  get the same errors.
>  Does anyone have any thoughts?
>  Thanks.
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