[Pdns-users] SOA serial the same as servers unixtime.. ?

Daniel Mollberg daniel at 5ton.se
Tue Feb 24 06:06:06 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 13:58, Derrik Pates wrote:
> Daniel Mollberg wrote:
> > I'm not shure what I'm doing wrong, but whatever I do pdns returns the
> > servers unixtime as the SOA serial. I've tryied change_date=0 for
> > autoserial and a yyyymmddxx value, none working.
> That's what it provides for the auto serial number. It's not really 
> viable for a machine to generate the year/month/day/rev# style serial 
> number, and it's not really required that you do so either. Some RFCs 
> suggest using that format, but it only really makes sense in the case 
> where you're editing BIND zones. As long as the zone serials ALWAYS 
> increase, the actual value is immaterial.
> > I saw someone else pointing this out on the list some time ago but I
> > didnt find a answer.
> Because it's not a "problem". It's just how it works.

Sorry, didnt wrote that clearly, I ment that powerdns returns the
_current_ unixtime, not the unixtime when the last change was made.
Thats my problem. Or is this the way it should be? no? I want to move a
.se domain to my servers and I think the master and slave needs to have
the same serial to get the move accepted.

> > I am using pdns 2.9.15 whith the gmysql backend. Auto serial would be
> > nice to have but at least I want to be able to set the serial manualy.
> Um... _why_? I wrote a custom frontend to integrate PowerDNS and my 
> employer's billing system, and it takes care of serial updates for me 
> automatically. There's never a reason to update the serial numbers 
> manually. (Unless you can come up with some reason I can't think of - 
> let me know if you can, I'd like to hear this.)

With manually i ment using a frontend taking care of serial updates and
not using the autoserial function.

/Daniel Mollberg
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