[Pdns-users] SOA serial the same as servers unixtime.. ?

Derrik Pates dpates at dsdk12.net
Tue Feb 24 12:58:57 UTC 2004

Daniel Mollberg wrote:
> I'm not shure what I'm doing wrong, but whatever I do pdns returns the
> servers unixtime as the SOA serial. I've tryied change_date=0 for
> autoserial and a yyyymmddxx value, none working.

That's what it provides for the auto serial number. It's not really 
viable for a machine to generate the year/month/day/rev# style serial 
number, and it's not really required that you do so either. Some RFCs 
suggest using that format, but it only really makes sense in the case 
where you're editing BIND zones. As long as the zone serials ALWAYS 
increase, the actual value is immaterial.

> I saw someone else pointing this out on the list some time ago but I
> didnt find a answer.

Because it's not a "problem". It's just how it works.

> I am using pdns 2.9.15 whith the gmysql backend. Auto serial would be
> nice to have but at least I want to be able to set the serial manualy.

Um... _why_? I wrote a custom frontend to integrate PowerDNS and my 
employer's billing system, and it takes care of serial updates for me 
automatically. There's never a reason to update the serial numbers 
manually. (Unless you can come up with some reason I can't think of - 
let me know if you can, I'd like to hear this.)

Derrik Pates
dpates at dsdk12.net

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