[Pdns-users] database structure (records table)

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Sun Nov 30 13:28:27 UTC 2003

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Hi Markus

Just a few thoughts of mine:

> 1) Is it really neccessary to put the full name in the name
> coloumn? For instance the www-record of example.com:
> www.example.com ?

FQDN entries speed up queries because you only have to process one 
result instead of two (one for example.com and one for the 
corresponding www entry). Having two entries is a mistake also made 
by the bind ldap developer in his latest scheme. The negative effects 
simply outweights the positive ones.

> 2) "priority" only affects MX record types (preference), is there a
>     specific reason on putting it in there for every record?

This was a design decision which requires some work to change it now, 
but I would also prefer if the priority value would be in the content 
entry. This would save me the code to do it myself in the ldap 

The only other record type I've seen a priority value so far is in the 
SRV record.

> 4) Naming of the attributes in the table. I think those should
>     be named after RFC 1035: content = RDATA, prio = PREFERENCE,
>     etc.

I think most of the people wouldn't understand the nameing scheme if 
it would be changed to RDATA and PREFERENCES, so it isn't something I 
would consider.


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