[Pdns-users] database structure (records table)

Markus Welsch markus.welsch at suk.de
Sun Nov 30 13:52:56 UTC 2003

Hi Norbert,

> FQDN entries speed up queries because you only have to process one 
> result instead of two (one for example.com and one for the 
> corresponding www entry). Having two entries is a mistake also made 
> by the bind ldap developer in his latest scheme. The negative effects 
> simply outweights the positive ones.

That's true. From the other question you seem to be using LDAP; have you 
been using a performance analysis using different backends and if so do 
you have some results for us?

I'm also interested in a approximately number of domains / records you 
are serving and about any instabilites you may have come accross.

>>4) Naming of the attributes in the table. I think those should
>>    be named after RFC 1035: content = RDATA, prio = PREFERENCE,
>>    etc.
> I think most of the people wouldn't understand the nameing scheme if 
> it would be changed to RDATA and PREFERENCES, so it isn't something I 
> would consider.

I think those who are setting up namesevers should be familar with the 
base of a record, etc which is outlined in detail in RFC 1035.



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