[Pdns-users] Round Robin Via MYSQL rand()

Mike Benoit mikeb at netnation.com
Wed May 14 16:23:29 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-05-14 at 07:54, Brandon Phillips wrote:

> If I can manipulate the queries like that, could I not also write a
> monitoring script, that could also update the DB, with a "health" value,
> so my where clause could also specify only hosts that the database
> thinks are alive.   Or possibly a "paid" field so if the customer is a
> deadbeat, the domains can swiftly be "deactivated" by simply setting a
> flag in the database.
> I must admit I am pretty excited about the possibilities, but I want to
> get some feedback, before barking up the wrong tree.

Disabling a customer with this method might not be the most ideal
solution, mainly due to TTL periods. If the customer neglects to pay,
and you disable their DNS, not only do you have to wait for caches to
expire around the world before there domain is "truely" disabled,
when/if the customer does finally pay, you have to wait for the changes
to propagate again.

You might want to look in to simply redirecting there site to a canned
"This domain is disabled" page using Apache itself, that way its instant
on/off, and the customer, or the customer customers actually get some
feedback and not just a "page cannot be found" error.

Best Regards,

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