[Pdns-users] Round Robin Via MYSQL rand()

A/S ScanNet - Dan Faerch dan at scannet.dk
Tue May 20 11:36:24 UTC 2003

> Pretty cool hack, Brandon!
Yes, that IS a cool hack :).. (sorry if im late)

Im just wondering; Would it cause any trouble that eg. the MX's are
randomized as well?
And would it make any sense to be able to "enable/disable" the randomization
pr. domain?

eg. something like:
SELECT content, ttl, prio,  TYPE , domain_id, name,
IF (roundrobin='true', rand(), 0) AS rnd
from records where name='%s' order by rnd

> I generally feel that randomization should take
> place in the recursor and not in the authoritative nameserver, but perhaps
> I'm wrong about that.
The way i see it, randomization has to take place in the authoritative
We use Lazy-recursion, so the request for an authoritative name never hits
the recursor..

> I could add some roundrobin support to PowerDNS if people really want it,
I would love to have roundrobin. (perhaps even weighted round-robin?
*hint-hint*). More and more people are asking for RR support..

- Dan

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