[Pdns-users] No TCP answer

Martin List-Petersen martin at list-petersen.dk
Mon Mar 3 11:20:10 UTC 2003

Citat A/S ScanNet - Dan Faerch <dan at scannet.dk>:

> Hi..
> Im unable to enable TCP in powerdns.. 
> in the config i have: 'disable-tcp=no'
> But when i do:
> #> host -T www.fake.dk           
> ;; communications error to end of file
> Yet i can still do AXFR, which, as far as i know, uses TCP..
> (im running 2.9.6.)
> Is there somthing more i need to do to enable TCP?

I've tried this one the following versions, where it works (both Debian Woody):
2.9.5 (with the bind patch, that came a few days after)

This covers both ipv4 and ipv6.

If you're interested in the debian packages for testing, drop me a mail.

Martin List-Petersen
martin at list-petersen dot dk
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