[Pdns-users] Support for Windows

Michel Stol michel at powerdns.com
Mon Jun 23 10:11:28 UTC 2003

Hi Malcolm,

> I might try compiling it myself. Do you know of anything in 2.9.8 that
> would prevent it compiling in Windows?

I haven't looked at the source for quite some time, so I really don't know.

> The documentation on compiling under Windows implies that there should
> be a powerdns.dsw workspace included with the source files. This
> doesn't seem to be included in the 2.9.8 source archive. Is it
> available?

Yes, from CVS, see www.powerdns.org for details.

> Are there likely to be any problems compiling other backends, such as
> Pipe or Bind  under Windows?

The bind backend should be possible (after wrestling with bison/flex and 
MSVC), not sure about the pipebackend.


- Michel Stol

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