[Pdns-users] Support for Windows

Michel Stol michel at powerdns.com
Mon Jun 23 09:21:51 UTC 2003


> I notice that the compiled Windows version is two releases behind.
> Will a compiled Windows version of the current release be made
> available in the near future?

Porting the current release will take some time, and I don't know if I have 
enough of that in the near future, but I'll look at it.

> The bind backend is not included in the current compiled Windows
> version. What backends are available for Windows and what about tools
> such as zone2sql.

The only backends that are currently available are the ODBC backends (the 
old one, which will be removed from the next version, and the new and 
completely rewritten generic ODBC backend). Most tools are available 
(zone2sql etc.).


- Michel Stol

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