[Pdns-users] A windows equivalent for the poweradmin application

shri net powerdns at shri.net
Thu Jul 3 02:44:22 UTC 2003

Hello PowerDNS Users,

This is my first ever email to this lists, even though i have been a subscriber to this list for a long while.

Today i am announcing my web based application for managing your customer domains and their dns records, using a web interface.

For a live demo, visit www.shri.net and login at the our control panel, with the following :

Username = test at shri.net
Password = test
(please dont change the password: the next user cannot login then)

This application is similar to the one put out by the poweradmin.org group. but different in my very own way.

Still with some minor limitations,but being used in my operations right now.

I would appreciate it if any of the windows or linux users, could evaluate it and point out the Negative aspects of it or suggestions of improvement, so that i may fix it.

If you need a copy of the source code, in its present form, please register online at the signup link on the home page at www.shri.net i will only send you a copy by email to the email address you have registered yourselfs with.

Attached is a setup.htm file that you can use to guide yourselfs when using the online demo

Thank you
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