[Pdns-users] PowerDNS 2.9.10 released!

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Thu Jul 3 09:37:13 UTC 2003

               Available on http://www.powerdns.com/downloads
                               Version 2.9.10

Small bugfixes, LDAP update. Released 3rd of July 2003. Apologies for the
long delay, real life keeps interfering.


   Do not use or try to use 2.9.9, it was a botched release!


   There has been a change in behaviour whereby disable-axfr does what it
   means now! From now on, setting allow-axfr-ips automatically disables
   AXFR from unmentioned subnets.

     * 2.9.8 was prone to crash on adding additional records. Thanks to
       excellent debugging by PowerDNS users worldwide, the bug was found
       quickly and is in fact present in all earlier PowerDNS releases,
       but for some reason doesn't cause crashes there.
     * Notifications now jump in front of the queue of domains that need
       to be checked for changes, giving much greater perceived
       performance. This is needed if you have tens of thousands of slave
       domains and your master server is on a high latency link. Thanks
       to Mark Jeftovic of EasyDNS for suggesting this change and testing
       it on their platform.
     * Dean Mills reported that PowerDNS does confusing logging about
       changing GIDs and UIDs, fixed. Cosmetic only.
     * pdns_recursor may have logged empty lines for some users, fixed.
       Solution suggested by Norbert Sendetzky.
     * LDAP: DNS TTLs were random values (Norbert Sendetzky, Stefan
       Pfetzing). New ldap-default-ttl option.
     * LDAP: Now works with OpenLDAP 2.1 (Norbert Sendetzky)
     * LDAP: error handling for invalid MX records implemented (Norbert
     * LDAP: better exception handling (Norbert Sendetzky)
     * LDAP: code cleanup of lookup() (Norbert Sendetzky)
     * LDAP: added support for scoped searches (Norbert Sendetzky)

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