[Pdns-users] The state of Win32 support?

Nick Fisher nick at infotechsys.com
Tue Dec 9 23:34:38 UTC 2003

> We are using 2.9.6 still. We have over 10,000 domains and use MsSQL as a
> backend.
Blimey! Would it be too nosey to ask what spec the machine(s) your running
that on is and how well it copes?

> The only problem with this version is that it leaks memory and server
> has to be restarted often to clear memory. This server is only used for
That sounds less than ideal :/

> Still testing or beginning to test version 2.9.13. Will report as soon
> as I find some time, will be soon, next week hopefully.
Cool. I'll look forward to that... though I suspect I'll be doing some
testing of my own tomorrow ;)

Many thanks.....


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