[Pdns-users] The state of Win32 support?

Patricio Valdes valdes at parava.net
Tue Dec 9 23:12:14 UTC 2003

We are using 2.9.6 still. We have over 10,000 domains and use MsSQL as a

The only problem with this version is that it leaks memory and server
has to be restarted often to clear memory. This server is only used for

Still testing or beginning to test version 2.9.13. Will report as soon
as I find some time, will be soon, next week hopefully.


Patricio Valdes
Parava Networks, Inc.

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> 1) What versions are supported?
> It would appear from the generall tone of the manual that all of the
> releases of pdns work on windows. However there are only installers 
> released
> (http://downloads.powerdns.com/releases/win32/) for upto 2.9.6, yet
> most
> recent source download for Win32 is 2.9.12. Also in the relese notes
> 2.9.13 there is the following:
> """
> Big news! Windows is back! Our great friend Michel Stol found the time
> update the PowerDNS code so it works again under windows.
> """
> Again? Did it stop? Why?

The Windows version was tested succesfully on Windows NT4, 2000, XP and 
I was hired by PowerDNS to do the initial Windows port, now I'm just a 
(unpayed) volunteer with a
lot of other things to do.

> 2) Required to compile?
> Will Win32 installers be released for each version of pdns (they don't

> seem
> to be)? If so when is the 2.9.13 version going to be avaiable?

A 2.9.13 installer is already available for download (for testing

Availability of installers for new versions will depend on the amount of

time I have (or if someone else will create them).

> 3) Stability
> Does the Win32 build differ in stability from the same version on a
> machine? Have there been many Win32 only bugs?

There where some bugs, mostly in the (now absolete) ODBC backend. Those
should be fixed now with the Generic ODBC and SQLite backends.

> 4) Footprint
> How beefy will the hardware need to be on a Win2k machine? Could I get

> away
> with using something like a PII266 with 128MB?

Depends on the amount of queries you fire at it, that setup probably
will be enough for an average load.

> 5) Userbase
> Are there many people activly using pdns on Win32 with over 200

I know there are some people using it who are on this list, and download

statistics from powerdns.com show that it's downloaded pretty often.
I don't know anything about the amount of domains they're serving
someone can respond to this? Patricio?


- Michel Stol
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