[Pdns-users] The state of Win32 support?

Michel Stol michel at powerdns.com
Tue Dec 9 23:07:09 UTC 2003


> 1) What versions are supported?
> It would appear from the generall tone of the manual that all of the
> releases of pdns work on windows. However there are only installers 
> released
> (http://downloads.powerdns.com/releases/win32/) for upto 2.9.6, yet the 
> most
> recent source download for Win32 is 2.9.12. Also in the relese notes for
> 2.9.13 there is the following:
> """
> Big news! Windows is back! Our great friend Michel Stol found the time to
> update the PowerDNS code so it works again under windows.
> """
> Again? Did it stop? Why?

The Windows version was tested succesfully on Windows NT4, 2000, XP and 
I was hired by PowerDNS to do the initial Windows port, now I'm just a 
(unpayed) volunteer with a
lot of other things to do.

> 2) Required to compile?
> Will Win32 installers be released for each version of pdns (they don't 
> seem
> to be)? If so when is the 2.9.13 version going to be avaiable?

A 2.9.13 installer is already available for download (for testing purposes) 

Availability of installers for new versions will depend on the amount of 
time I have (or if someone else will create them).

> 3) Stability
> Does the Win32 build differ in stability from the same version on a linux
> machine? Have there been many Win32 only bugs?

There where some bugs, mostly in the (now absolete) ODBC backend. Those
should be fixed now with the Generic ODBC and SQLite backends.

> 4) Footprint
> How beefy will the hardware need to be on a Win2k machine? Could I get 
> away
> with using something like a PII266 with 128MB?

Depends on the amount of queries you fire at it, that setup probably
will be enough for an average load.

> 5) Userbase
> Are there many people activly using pdns on Win32 with over 200 domains?

I know there are some people using it who are on this list, and download 
statistics from powerdns.com show that it's downloaded pretty often.
I don't know anything about the amount of domains they're serving though, 
someone can respond to this? Patricio?


- Michel Stol

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