[Pdns-users] The state of Win32 support?

Nick Fisher nick at infotechsys.com
Tue Dec 9 22:50:17 UTC 2003

	I've been looking at pdns to replace our current name servers. Ideally we
would be running on a Win2k system. I've had a rummage through the mailman
archives and read most of the manual. There were however, a number of
quiestions about pdns on Win32 that croped up that I couldn't answer..... so
if anyone could help me out with the answers to the following I would
appreciate it....

1) What versions are supported?
It would appear from the generall tone of the manual that all of the
releases of pdns work on windows. However there are only installers released
(http://downloads.powerdns.com/releases/win32/) for upto 2.9.6, yet the most
recent source download for Win32 is 2.9.12. Also in the relese notes for
2.9.13 there is the following:
Big news! Windows is back! Our great friend Michel Stol found the time to
update the PowerDNS code so it works again under windows.
Again? Did it stop? Why?

2) Required to compile?
Will Win32 installers be released for each version of pdns (they don't seem
to be)? If so when is the 2.9.13 version going to be avaiable?

3) Stability
Does the Win32 build differ in stability from the same version on a linux
machine? Have there been many Win32 only bugs?

4) Footprint
How beefy will the hardware need to be on a Win2k machine? Could I get away
with using something like a PII266 with 128MB?

5) Userbase
Are there many people activly using pdns on Win32 with over 200 domains?

Any relevent info/URLs ect gratefully recived.....
Many thanks....


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