[Pdns-users] zone2sql not accepting lowercase qtype's

Martin List-Petersen martin at list-petersen.se
Tue Dec 9 18:27:47 UTC 2003

Hi Bert,

can i have you to add something like the attached (it's against the
2.9.12 release) to pdns-cvs ?

It basically just converts the qtype (A, CNAME, PTR, etc.) string to
uppercase, before checking if it is valid and then of course also
printing it in uppercase on the sql output.

When i was migrating the bind 9 configuration files of a Sun/Cobalt Raq
server i ran into the problem that the qtype's here all are lowercase
and zone2sql simply refused those.

This is tested, works and fixes it. 

Martin List-Petersen
martin at list-petersen dot se
Somebody who never coded c++ before.
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