[Pdns-users] Zone transfers and load balancing PowerDNS.

Scott Kamp scottk at microbsd.net
Fri Aug 1 23:50:02 UTC 2003

hrmm mysql doesnt do master - master replication ??? id swear it did....
check the 4.x versioning, other then that vrrpd might help, if ns1 dies
just have ns2 take over its assigned ip till it comes back online

On Fri, 2003-08-01 at 18:26, Mike Benoit wrote:
> We would like to load balance PowerDNS in hopes of getting "true"
> fail-over, load distribution, and to increase our uptimes even further.
> I realize DNS has fail-over built in, but there is much room for
> improvement.
> One of the main issues we face is with zone transfers and our replicated
> MySQL backend. MySQL only supports Master -> Slave replication (Master
> <-> Master would solve this issue of course), so all zone transfers have
> to go to NS1 (Master), which will then be replicated to NS2 by MySQL
> itself. Now in a load balanced system, we can't control, or even force
> zone transfers to go to NS1. 
> I was thinking perhaps adding a new option to PowerDNS similar to how
> LDAP works. When a request to write to the database comes in to a slave
> name server, it basically just connects to the master database server
> and forwards the SQL query off to it. (which then immediately replicates
> back to the slave database server) 
> Has anyone else delt with this issue, or have any bright ideas as to how
> we could solve it? 

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