[Pdns-dev] Autoserial needs to remain.

Jan-Piet Mens list at mens.de
Sun Dec 9 14:39:25 UTC 2018

>Removing autoserial is gross misconduct.

The last time I looked, PowerDNS was free and libre Open Source which, 
to me, means that its authors get to decide, possibly with input from 
the commuimty, how the software evolves. On the other hand, it may quite 
be that you have some sort of enterprise contract which permits you to 
speak to the PowerDNS team (a member of which I am not) in this manner.

That was stupid of me: if you had an enterprise contract you'd probably 
not use the mailing list; sorry.

>You don't remove an important feature like that on a whim.

Knowing the people behind PowerDNS, I'm sure they woke up the other day, 
and said to themselves: "hey, let's slash a random feature tonight!".  
That was sarcasm. 

Be that as it may: you could decide to stay on 4.1 (or whichever other 
version supports the features you require) as long as it runs in your 

>Autoserial works perfectly well and is well documented.

For you. I've been in situations in which it doesn't work properly, and 
I for one welcome the decision to remove a "feature" which is, at best, 

I refrain from commenting on the remaining part of this message. If I 
were part of the team behind PowerDNS I would be livid.


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