[Pdns-dev] Autoserial needs to remain.

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Fri Dec 7 21:41:51 UTC 2018

I just saw your post on gwene.com.powerdns.blog.

Removing autoserial is gross misconduct.

You don't remove an important feature like that on a whim.

At the very least you discuss something like that with everyone, before
making any code changes.

Autoserial works perfectly well and is well documented.

Setting it up was easy and there were no issues.  And it has been
working perfectly for years.

Pushing rest crap is harmful.

Pdns works best as a proxy between sql and dns.

Sql control of the (sql-)master and read-only (sql-)replication with an
auth on each replicant is the optimal way to use it.

The other crap only gets in the way.

Defaults and triggers auto-update change_date and autoserial make it
work very well.

Forcing the triggers to figure out and update the soa row each time is
overtly wrong.  It is anti-sql, and exactly how things are NOT done.
Variable data like that belongs in the row where the change is made.

What it really needs is proper documentation for writing ordername
(w/o changing any other rows) so that the update and insert triggers
can write it.

(Following the c++ is a pain; it bounces around too much.)

Autoserial is a major feature; it works perfectly well and is trivially
easy to implement.  It must remain.

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