[Pdns-dev] PowerDNS recursor's forwarding capabilities?

Augie Schwer augie.schwer at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 14:01:57 CET 2006

On 11/27/06, Darren Gamble <darren.gamble at sjrb.ca> wrote:
> These caches need to "forward" queries for certain domains to other servers.  In some cases, those servers are other caches, and so these new caches need to do a query with the recursive bit set.  In other cases, the other servers are part of an internal network of authoritative servers, and these new caches are instead expected to perform iterative queries to resolve the name.
> Can anyone confirm this, or, is there perhaps another option that can do this that we're missing?

I see Darren already found it, but in case anyone else was looking for
this; the lack of being able to use multiple forwards for a zone is
noted at ticket 81 on the PowerDNS Trac site:


This has been a deal breaker for a handful of our recursive boxes as
well, so we plan to keep running BIND on those until this is resolved.

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